Tonight, the St. Louis County attorney's office released all of the evidence presented before the grand jury, which decided not to charge Darren Wilson for the death of Mike Brown. Among that evidence are the first photos that show the injuries Wilson allegedly sustained during the confrontation.

Below, via CBS News, are two more of those photos, which appear to show a bruise on the right side of Wilson's face, as well as some sort of abrasion on the back of his neck.

It's not yet known if there is a specific explanation for how Wilson ended up with a bruise on the side of his face that would not be directly exposed by his driver's side window, or exactly what happened to the back of his neck, though the evidence is still currently being combed through.

Here is a photo that shows Wilson's face from the front, as well as his full body after the attack:

In the aftermath of Brown's death, as Wilson essentially turned himself into a missing person, various reports were circulated about the severity of his injuries. One, passed around conservative circles, purported to show Wilson with a broken eye socket—that story was quickly debunked. ABC News reported that a source said Wilson suffered a "serious facial injury," but these photos certainly seem to refute that characterization.

UPDATE (11:45 p.m.) The official report regarding Wilson's injuries appears to diagnose him with a facial contusion, aka a bruise.

[images via St. Louis County]