We haven't seen or heard from Darren Wilson in the time since he killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, but plenty of people want the Ferguson police officer to know that they stand behind him. They've donated nearly $140,000 to him on Gofundme, and left telling comments of commiseration and support attached to their pledges. Here's where the worst of white America is patting itself on the back.

In 1969, Richard Nixon popularized the term "silent majority" to refer to white, middle class Americans whose viewpoints he thought had been suffocated by the liberal press. At this very moment, as Ferguson's nightly protests radiate across all forms of news, the silent majority is hiding in plain sight.

The following comments are pulled from that Gofundme, which was started four days ago by an unknown entity

They want to Darren Wilson to know that they're proud of him for staring down "what others fear"—black people.

They Darren Wilson to know that they will help him defeat the real racists—black people.

They want Darren Wilson to know that they will support this case's innocent victim—himself.

And, of course, they want him Darren Wilson to know that, above all, God is on his side.

[top image via Ferguson Police Department]