These five dogs in wheelcarts prove they're just as into chasing sticks as any "normal" mutt. Although some of them have survived awful, traumatic lives, a typical day now consists of walkies (wheelies?) with friends, writes Gritta Goetz, who operates an animal sanctuary in Lanzenhain, Germany.

One of Goetz's dogs, Rina, was paralyzed when her former owners in Bulgaria used her for target practice. She miraculously survived, although 20 projectiles had to be removed from her body. Two of them had lodged in her spine, causing inoperable damage.

It took a year for Rina to get comfortable outside a crate, but here she is playing with other dogs on her first walk with a wheelcart:

According to The Dodo, Goetz has rescued more than two dozen dogs, eight of whom get around using carts.

[H/T 22Words]