There is an Australian clown on the loose in the streets of Melbourne, frightening pedestrians not with the inherent creepiness of a crazy man in a clown costume or a whimsical water pistol, but with an actual gun.

The clown has been spotted in at least two different cars and works with accomplice who acts as a driver.

Early Tuesday morning, the clown got out of the passenger seat of a light-colored Toyota Camry and started following a woman on foot until another car scared him off. A few minutes later at a stoplight, the clown rolled down the window and threatened a 25-year-old man with his gun before speeding off.

Not long after, a 31-year-old male jogger ran past a Mitsubishi Magna. Inside was the clown, pointing a gun out of the front passenger window.

Police are trying to identify the clown.

[image via Shutterstock]