As part of a PR stunt for Ehrlich Pest Control, 13 restaurants, including one in D.C., will become "pestaurants" and serve you dead bugs to eat. The goal, Ehrlich claims, is "to promote the health benefits of an insect rich diet already enjoyed by billions across the globe."

If you live in our nation's capital and would like to dine on some of the creatures you prefer to smash with your shoe, please mosey on over to the Occidental Grill on Pennsylvania Avenue between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. for a delectable lunch:

At this unique, fun event, Ehrlich will be serving an array of exotic cuisine that includes a range of edible insects such as grasshopper burgers, crispy BBQ mealworms and scorpion lollipops.

But also:

In addition to sampling the edible insects, visitors can take pest selfies, compete in a cricket eating contest and vote for DC's worst pest. The event is free and a number of professionally trained Ehrlich experts will be on hand to discuss the edible pests being served, answer any pest questions from members of the public and to pass on their 'top tips' for avoiding pest problems.

If you are not in the D.C. area and would like to eat some bugs, there are a number of "pestaurant" locations across the globe.

This could be a useful and informative event to attend if you aspire to a well-balanced diet that does not discriminate against our creeping and crawling friends of the animal kingdom. Many countries outside of the U.S. eat bugs regularly and enjoy them. Also: they're good for you!

The consumption of insects has been known to contribute positively to the environment and to health and livelihoods. More than 1,900 species have reportedly been used as food. Insects are high in protein, B vitamins and minerals like iron and zinc, and are low in fat. 100g of grasshopper can carry 20.6g of protein, 35.3mg of calcium and 5mg of iron. Eating insects can help boost nutrition and reduce our carbon footprint.

Just last year, the U.N. urged us all to start eating more bugs. National Geographic even rounded up "8 popular bugs to try." So instead of letting mosquitoes bite you, bite them.

Although, it seems odd that a company that specializes in pest control to be putting on such an event, if only because it would imply that Ehrlich Pest Control would have you eat the bugs that are infesting your home. Doesn't sound like a good business plan.

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