Anonymous is at it again—and this time it's personal. The Daily Dot reports that on Wednesday night, the group leaked FBI search warrants related to the government's investigation of hacker group Lulzsec—and revealed that there were more agency moles in the gang than previously thought.

Lulzsec staged a series of high-profile attacks in the summer of 2011, striking everyone from Sony to the CIA. Eventually authorities arrested a Lulzsec ringleader who went by the handle "Sabu" in August 2011. After another arrest seven months later, it was revealed that after pleading guilty to charges the first time, Sabu became an informant.

Until now, many believed he was the sole link between the FBI and Lulzsec. But the new documents refer to two more confidential witnesses, dubbed CW-1 and CW-2. One of the witnesses, after their June 29, 2011 arrest, unmasked another Lulzsec leader who was also instrumental in a hack of this very site a year prior.

The information in the warrants does not seem to match anything related to Sabu. In fact, around the time of the arrests there was suspicion among Lulzsec members that a member of their ranks who went by "M_nerva" was a double agent.

Anonymous allegedly timed this week's new releases to coincide with the birthday of Jeremy Hammond, who has been sentenced to ten years in prison for hacking into the servers of an intelligence firm.

[image via AP]