There is an image going around Twitter today that purports to be some new Kanye West-related... something. It features Michelangelo's David under the phrase "Kanye West's New Testament." West is reportedly working on his new album, but a source in Kanye's camp has told Gawker what seems obvious: this thing is fake.

"We have no idea what this is," our source says. "It's not coming from us." Even circumstantial evidence makes it hard to believe that "Kanye West's New Testament" is a real thing. The Twitter account @KWsNewTestament—which is a very cool and sleek handle that West would definitely love—currently follows 878 people, almost all of whom are news organizations and celebrities. It even follows Nick Denton, who definitely does not give a shit about the new Kanye West album. Kanye's official account, meanwhile, follows only Kim Kardashian.

So, yes, this is fake—just like Black American Psycho and Rich Black American, which was the pre-Yeezus tracklist that purported to feature Skrillex. Good things come to those who wait.