According to the Guardian, there have been at least 1,000 mass shootings in this country Sandy Hook, the bloody milestone having been passed in Inglis, Florida, just a few hours after Chris Harper Mercer killed himself and eight other people in Roseburg, Oregon.

(Before getting into the details of what took place in Inglis, let us pause and reflect for a moment on the fact that we have so many mass shootings—defined as those that injure four or more people—in this country that one of them went largely unnoticed anywhere other than in the community in which it happened.)

On October 1st, the Guardian reports, Walter Tyson, 57, went looking for his wife, Patricia, who had left him a few days earlier. He found her at another man’s house, where he shot and killed her, Otis Ray Bean, and a third man, Buzz Terhune, who had heard the shots and come to the house intending to stop whatever was happening.

Inglis, Florida, doesn’t have a police department, but on that day a task force of U.S. marshals, state police, and sheriff’s deputies was in the area, having just arrested a fugitive on unrelated charges. They responded to the 911 calls about the shooting at the Bean house in force. Seeing the house surrounded, Tyson shot himself.

Two days later, in White Pine, Tennessee, 8-year-old MaKayla Dyer was killed by an 11-year-old neighbor in a dispute over some puppies. Today, a 10-year-old boy was accidentally shot and killed in northern Utah. According to the Guardian, an estimated 10,000 children are the victims of gun crimes in this country every year. Per, there have been two more mass shootings since Inglis.

“So profuse has become the violence that we have become accustomed to it,” pastor Bobby Thompson said a memorial service for Terhune. “We expect it.”

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