Residents on 85-acre Tonawanda Island in the Niagra River are having an issue with the number of feral and abandoned cats that have hit their lovely locale. The tiny island now has more cats than people—and the cats are getting onto boats.

Where are the cats intending to go on these boats? Residents don't know and they sure as hell don't care. Danielle Coogan, one of Tonawanda Island's most active feral-cat-hater, has started a task force to capture the sea-bound cats.

The Associated Press reports that Coogan has trapped 10 cats in 10 days in her "Operation Island Cats" sting. The captured cats are then getting spayed or neutered to prevent any more cats from becoming cats on the island.

Speaking with news station WIVB, Tonawanda resident Wayne Howard revealed the cause of the cats' presence: "They're just everywhere. People drop them off. I've caught people dumping them on the road; they just unload them on the island."

Humans: always trying to get rid of cats in any way possible.

[Image via WIVB4]