This summer's World Cup in Brazil should be a hoot for American soccer fans: according to The Guardian, there is apparently not one, not two, but three Osama bin Laden-themed bars in the country, all neighboring the World Cup epicenter in Rio.

The first pioneering bar came from CearĂ¡ Francisco Helder Braga Fernandes, a Bin Laden lookalike (pictured above) who decided to capitalize on his resemblance.

The Sao Paulo bar is called Bar do Bin Laden and features Fernandes sporting lookalike garb and selling beers, with images of himself all over the walls. As Andrew Creelman put in his blog, it is very popular with "fans of rock music." Fans of rock music, always on the bleeding edge.

This bar, however, has been followed by a number of copycat bars.

Mac Margolis, of online news site Vocativ, searched online and found "nearly a dozen Brazilian establishments" named after the former Al-Qaida leader, "including bars, luncheonettes and one sit-down restaurant called Bin Laden and Family".

Creelman, a blogger living in Sao Paulo, isn't so sure this bar is a good idea.

I'm not gonna lie; the pride this guy has about being a Bin Laden look-a-like is pretty unsettling.

Americans attending the World Cup this summer, please report back on all Osama bin Laden-related activities you participate in.

[Image via Design You Trust]