Sadly, it seems that the rumors of a Wu-Tang gang bang floated last week on Divorce Court were greatly exaggerated.

Several days after the episode aired, Method Man posted a fairly rude denial on Instagram, referring to the clearly younger woman as an "old-er thot" who should "know better with her old ass."

But is middle-aged Method Man just trying to sound cool? If you listen to Green, the apparent house mom of the Wu-Tang Clan, then yes.

"I have a general rule—no girls on the bus unless they want to talk about music, politics or chess," tour manager Simon Green reportedly said in a 2011 interview.

Which is exactly what the Divorce Court lady—apparently named Lia—claimed in the first place, saying on the show that they were "nothing but gentlemen," and that they had spent the night "not doing anything but talking, politicking, we were talking about politics."

Now she's got her ex-boyfriend calling her a groupie and a world-famous musician referring to "her old ass," and I think the important lesson here is to never go on reality television.

[image via AP]

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