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Here’s a fun video about the dangers of sleeping with non-virgin women because they’re “dumpsters” permanently full of “genes” from previous sex partners. This is a video that a teacher in southern Russia thought would be cool to show his eighth graders, Meduza reports.

It’s called “DEBASED behavior of teenagers! Shocking! Everyone must watch!” It warns boys never to marry sexually experienced women. And it’s got animated charts! Did you know that in 1996, Russian women started doing sex stuff at 19.5 and by 2014 at 12-14? Me neither! Probably because that’s made up. Also, “FACT”—sexually active teen girls are “95% less likely to give birth to healthy children in the future.” And it’s all America’s fault!

“America destroys Russia from within through our women and children,” the video begins. Cue pixelated Obama, missiles swirling in porn DVDs, money rain gifs and leather daddy stock photos, all illustrating the claim that the West’s “feminist and gay movement, lavishly financed by the US government” has whorified Russian girls. (“‘We will destroy heterosexual families!’ is the motto of American feminists. ‘We will get you through your children,’ said militant gay Allen Ginsberg.”) This is very bad, for Russian men, because of “telegony” is turning them into “cuckolds.”

“Telegony” is a theory that a woman’s child inherits the genetic traits of her previous sexual partners. It’s bullshit. It was only observed in a fly species and only for environmental (non-genetic) traits.

This morning, I called the guy from the Fond of Struggle For Morality and asked him where the “facts” in his video are from. “From various studies.” Which studies? “Many different studies.” Are you for real? “I am a very famous person on the internet,” he huffed and referred me to an interview he just gave to Lenta. “And I won’t repeat myself twice. I am not a fool.”

He doesn’t actually cite any specific studies in that very long MRA-tastic interview. He rants about women being “receptors” and how their cells are different than men’s, always “absorbing.” At one point, he mentions the “many cases” where a woman who slept with a “dark-skinned man” would later give birth to “a mulatto” fathered by “a normal man.” Also, “all this has been proven and deliberately hidden from the public!”

Race doesn’t play into the video, but there is this cool story about a Nazi doctor who gave Soviet women virginity tests in a forced labor camp. They scored impressively! “In a panic, he wrote to Hitler about how Russia cannot be defeated as long as her people have such morality.” And so:

Girls! Learn from your great grandmothers! They were better than you. Scientific fact: A girl who slept with many guys is a dumpster with an admixture of genes from all of those men. The telegony effect + a scorched Soul, incapable of a love as strong as the first time.

So the 58-year-old man decided this video would be very good for eighth-grade girls to watch. A sister of one of the students complained. The teacher is now being investigated by a prosecutor who wonders why he “deviated from the school’s curriculum” and screened films that “humiliate human dignity.”

The official lesson plan lamented the “unsatisfactory state” of “society’s reproductive health.” The teacher went ahead and supplemented the family values lesson with the video bit about how “the woman must have one man for life” and “those who depart from these rules of our Ancestors will die” as “evident in Scandinavian countries,” cue silly animated chart of something.

Girls, take care of yourself! Do not sleep with everyone! Guys, do not have children with sexually experienced girls. Look for pure chaste girls. They are few. But they exist!

Though it varies from school to school, Russia’s sex education is “a total fail,” Medusa’s Vladimir Tsybulskiy told me in a depressing chat.

And as Russia’s children’s rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov told his nation, “When will you have sex education? Never!” (Never mind Russia’s HIV epidemic.) Instead of sex ed, Astakhov says children “need to read more” Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky for “everything on love and relationship of the sexes.” (Good luck with that plan! The very Kremlin-involved Eastern Orthodox Church is trying to ban a bunch of Chekov.)

The school’s principal hadn’t seen this video until Tsybulskiy called him. He watched it and concluded that he wasn’t qualified enough to discuss the scientific viability of telegony but there was “nothing criminal” in the video. The regional educational ministry supported the screening.

All day yesterday I held hope that the video was made by cynical trolls or that it was a viral fake promoting the video studio that produced this batshit net art.

I even called the production studio and asked them why the fond’s identical-looking site listed the studio’s number (until it was updated earlier today). They said they it was a mistake and politely informed me that they didn’t care about what kind of “scientific” claims their client was making, as long as it’s, you guessed it, “nothing criminal.”

Then I talked to Morality Man. As I was hanging up, he rattled off his other organizations and accomplishments: “We focus on firing teachers with non-traditional sexual orientations.” (He does.) “On firing various perverts who work in hospitals! In the police, if there is some LGBT animal working there, we will have him fired!”

Everything is terrible and this Americanized whore needs a hug.

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