Siegfried and Roy, Masters of the Impossible and Owners of Several Lions and Tigers, are mourning the loss of Mantecore, the white tiger who both attacked Roy on stage and once saved his life.

Mantecore, who lived to 17, is best known for biting Roy on the neck during a 2003 performance, critically injuring him and causing severe blood loss. Before he was rushed to a trauma unit, Roy told Siegfried, "Mantecore is a great cat. Make sure no harm comes to Mantecore."

It's less well known that the white tiger, Roy's "friend and brother," also rescued him during a show.

In a Facebook message, Roy called Mantecore "my lifesaver," and explained the tiger "was the one responsible for pulling me to safety where the Paramedics could help me after my high blood pressure made me dizzy on stage."

Siegfried and Roy, who still have 11 white tigers and 2 white lions in their Secret Garden, raised Mantecore from just after his birth.

"I remember that when someone passed away my Mother always said, 'They never really leave us they just go ahead,'" Roy wrote. "For me, without 'Mantecore' the Secret Garden feels empty."

[H/T: Hypervocal, Photo Credit: Facebook]