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Doing-the-right-amount-of-too-much auteur Brian De Palma has cast Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace as two lovely ladies to love (to murder?) each other. It's based on a French film, Love Crime, but we Americans have tarted it up, like we do. Obviously it's shameless and De Palma-y. Some say that it is a little generic, but others say it could rank in DePalma's best, but not like top five best. Read Rich Juzwiak's interview with De Palma here.

One Direction: This is Us in 3D

There are a bunch of young men in a band called One Direction. They have many eager fans who want to know all about them, so Morgan Spurlock was like, cool I will make a documentary about the commodity of five boys named Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Harry. Apparently they're charming but super fucking boring. It's got no insight and two different reviewers bring up the idea of "warts and all" and say this movie is not that.

Afternoon Delight

This is Jill Soloway's movie about a bored thirty-something (Kathryn Hahn) with a cute yuppie husband (Josh Radnor) and an over-sharing therapist (Jane Lynch) who adopts a spunky stripper (Juno Temple) as a live-in nanny and life-changer.

The Lifeguard

A 30-year-old woman (Kristen Bell) has a little millennial-life-crisis and so she goes to her suburban hometown for "a job that pays $9 an hour but comes with lots of free metaphors about drowning and responsibility." Reviews cottoned onto this as well, calling The Lifeguard lifeless, adrift, drowning in self-pity, and awful.

Closed Circuit

This is about dramatic terrorist attack in London, but also about some ex-lovers so there can be sexy plot lines. Directed by John Crowley from a screenplay by Steven Knight (Dirty Pretty Things, Eastern Promises), it stars Jim Broadbent, Rebecca Hall, Eric Bana, and Julia Stiles. It's well-organized, gripping for a minute, but then it goes slack.


Haha okay, so in this movie Ethan Hawke is a race car driver, Selena Gomez is a "young hacker." Yes, Selena Gomez is a "young hacker." As with many a film, delivering a USB drive by driving is the crucial centerpiece.

I Declare War

This cutesy though affecting, archetype-laden Canadian film from co-directors Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson blends reality and imagination as their came of Capture the Flag begins to embody and comment upon a culture of violence.

Our Nixon

This documentary is stitched together from Super 8 footage, filmed by H.R. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman and Dwight Chapin while in the Nixon White House. These entertaining personal visual accounts were seized by the FBI during the Watergate investigations. Because of the extensive accounts of the Nixon White House in existence already, the tapes now come across as "more evocative than revelatory" and create a "portrait of innocence lost as a behind-closed-doors exposé."

Empire State

Some straight to DVD fare over here, with Dwayne Johnson, Emma Roberts, and Liam Hemsworth from director Dito Montiel. The movie centers on some old friends who want to rob an armored car, while a cop follows them about the city.

American Made Movie

This "solid if unexceptional" documentary is honest about its mission to convince people to buy American-made products. From filmmakers Nathaniel Thomas McGill and Vincent Vittorio, American Made Movie focuses on global economy as well as the collapse of the middle class, at the same time it relies heavily on anecdotes.