A self-described political artist has 3D-printed a butt plug in the shape of Russian president Vladimir Putin's head and torso. And much like the real Putin, it's not necessarily something you want invading your, er, sovereign territory.

Fernando Sosa, whose line of celebrity butt toys also includes a Chris Christie and a that-racist-guy-from-Duck-Dynasty, was only able to print the full-color Putin in sandstone, a material not recommended for anal insertion.

"[Is] this 3d printed Putin Butt Plug Safe for use? [T]he 3D Printed Putin butt-plug is NOT safe for use," Sosa asks and answers on his blog.

A safer pink silicone Putin is in the works, presumably due to at least one person's disappointment at not actually being able to sit on a world leader.

But why Putin in particular? Sosa explains:

Since i started designing this butt plug Putin invaded Ukraine and Republicans have developed a fetish for Putin. I honestly feel that is pretty unpatriotic that the right is now worshiping Putin in order to attack Obama. So i almost wish i could send a couple of these to Fox news since they are so in love with him.

He goes on to declare that the sculpture is a sort of voodoo doll for anyone who opposes Putin's persecution of LGBT people and his incursion into Crimea.

So, if your feeling about Putin is that his head should be swallowed up by a giant human asshole, there's a butt plug with your name on it. Just be aware that it might hurt you more than it hurts him.

[H/T: Animal, Photo Credit: PoliticalSculptor]