Every year since 1987, The University of Chicago has hosted a campuswide scavenger hunt called Scav that will validate to your speculation that smart college kids are always up to some awesomely weird insider shit. The event is on its last day and the clues this year are typically esoteric.

A full list of what the college kids are looking for can be found at this link, but here's a selection, along with allocated points:

  • Produce an accurate tampon commercial. [6 points]
  • The Skrillex bong. Create a water pipe that makes wub wub wubs instead of bubbling noises when used. (Only to be used with 100% legal wubbacco, or your team is disqualified, folks.) [8 points]
  • Model a Canadian Tuxedo. No, not a jean jacket. A full denim tuxedo comprising jacket, pants, tie, cummerbund or vest, belt, and pocket square. [`Eh?'-teen points]
  • Wake up, sheeple. If you think you can handle it, why don't you create an interactive journey on a quest through the friendzone with me, Fedora the Explorer. [6 points]
  • Shove your fist into a fistulated cow. [25 points]

And the clue with the highest point yield?

  • Bring us an Animusic-style instrument that plays itself. Once activated, it should perform, unaided, a composition of no less than 90 seconds. While your device may have electronic components, it must not produce electronic music. [175 points. 50 bonus points if the music is played by multiple distinct mechanisms that join in gradually as it proceeds]

In 1999, the enterprising Scav hunters built a nuclear reactor as one of the clues was "build a nuclear reactor." This year, the equivalent clue is to build a laser. Bonus points if it is edible. Sounds doable.

Here's a video of a guy making an action figure of "That Guy" in 2008.

Good luck, you weirdos.

[Image via HCSCC]