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This website once ran a valuable column called “Hey, Science” that got the stupid scientific questions of you, the readers, answered by real live experts. Not every question made the cut.

Many readers sent in questions to the Hey, Science desk, in search of answers. Many readers also did not “have what it takes.” Here, in the spirit of cleaning out our trash this week, are some of the real “Hey, Science” questions submitted by you, our possibly dangerous audience.

  • “My question to ‘hey science’ is why do humans dream? Is it because the brain keeps deleting and storing information?”
  • “Were there more atom’s during the big bang then there are now? How are atoms formed?”
  • “Is there all people on earth related to each other if we look at from beginning (life started on earth)??”
  • “Can dogs smell how you feel?”
  • “This has always intrigued me: so since my cat grows bigger and/or can heal by consuming only cat food and water, does that mean that if you could build things on a molecular level, you could theoretically build an entire working cat out of a bucket of H2O and a bag of cat food (and a pair of jumper cables, I guess)?”
  • “If I owned a money bin like Scrooge McDuck, what would be the best type of US coins to have in my money bin order to swim around?”
  • “So the other day my Canadian Jewish sister in law and my California half-Jewish American ex-wife (who is still my friend) were having a huge argument about whether Jewish identity is cultural constructed or biologically/naturally determined or both. [CONTINUES]”
  • “This may be less scientific than some ‘Hey, Science’ questions, but I’m wondering how accurate it is that action heroes can never shoot someone holding someone else hostage with a gun to their head when the bad guy’s head is clearly visible.”
  • “How Healthy Would Animal Food Be? I’m talking about dry food and tinned food, could one be healthier than the other? I guess it makes kind of sense because a dog is fine with a little bit of ham or sausage or whatever.”
  • “The question is: if you were to stand on the world’s most sensitive scales, and fart, would your weight increase or decrease?”
  • “My question is this: How long do you think it’ll take before the human body is integrated into wireless technology?”
  • “We know that animals like bears and camels are able to survive for lo periods of time on their fat stores? Can humans do this as well?”
  • “Is it safe to eat tumors?”
  • “Is Earth our other body?”

We may never know.


The answered questions of “Hey, Science” can be found here.