Bad news, unborn British children: you might be staying unborn forever. Sperm banks in the United Kingdom are reporting that there have been markedly fewer donations to sperm banks since donors' right to anonymity was taken away in in 2005.

According to BBC, the UK is facing "a major sperm shortage," a shortage so bad that sperm banks are having to import sperm from other countries, primarily the United States and Denmark. Does this mean that a percentage of children born in the UK in the future are actually American?

Via the BBC:

Figures from the fertility regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), show nearly one in four donated sperm samples are from abroad.

The figure was one in 10 in 2005.

Doctors are starting to worry that the lack of sperm will cause sperm banks to set lower standards for the stuff that makes it through the door. Dr. Allan Pacey of the British Fertility Society said this could result in women having to use "more invasive and expensive" techniques for insemination.

[Image via Eubios]