While the United States announced it was withholding some military aid to Egypt in August, CNN reports that the U.S. is now officially cutting off all aid to the country after the July coup against Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

An anonymous U.S. official said the complete suspension in aid was prompted by an “accumulation of events,” including “recent violence against protesters, dozens of whom were killed over the weekend."

The weekend violence was the deadliest in Egypt since hundreds were killed on Aug. 14. At least 51 people were killed and more than 260 were injured in clashes between the Egyptian military and supporters of ousted Islamist President Morsi.

The official told CNN that the complete suspension of aid will take effect “in the coming days.”


NSC Spokesperson Caitlin Hayden, according to a statement released by the White House Press Office, says the reports are not true:

The reports that we are halting all military assistance to Egypt are false. We will announce the future of our assistance relationship with Egypt in the coming days, but as the President made clear at UNGA, that assistance relationship will continue.

[Image via AP]