Molly Shannon takes the right approach to being patted down by the TSA: treat it like you're at the spa and take advantage of your sensory affliction that causes you to have pleasurable sensations in your head. No big deal.

Shannon told Conan O'Brien about her ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, on his show last night. (Do not be alarmed by Conan's seemingly bloodied hands — they're red from a previous segment.)

It is probably, maybe a real thing, though that's been disputed. Basically, it's a "perceptual phenomenon" that causes a tingling sense of euphoria in your head, scalp, back, or peripherals when people speak softly or use a soft touch.

And as tangentially-sexual things like this tend to be, ASMR whispering videos are their very own K-hole for you to go down if you are so inclined.

[h/t Joe MacLeod/Image via Conan]