Jerry Seinfeld went to dinner at Prince's Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville recently, and he had a screaming good time. He had seen a documentary about the restaurant and wanted to check it out, and he thought the chicken was great. One thing caught his eye, though: the black people.

Here is Jerry Seinfeld telling the story of going to Prince's Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville.

There's a place in Nashville called Prince's Chicken, which is one of the hottest chicken places in the country. I saw a mini-documentary about it, and then we were working in Nashville, and I went there. Apparently, the chicken is so hot that it makes people engage in spontaneous sex acts in the parking lot. So we went there late at night after a show. It's all black people at, like, two in the morning. It's not in the greatest neighborhood. It was me and two other guys in suits. We took our suits off and rolled up our sleeves. We got the sauce all over our white shifts and screamed from the heat. It's so spicy! That was the most adventurous thing I've eaten lately. I'm definitely going back there, too.

What's the deal with black people hanging around restaurants at two in the morning? You ever noticed this?