Sarah Palin has an outdoorsy show! And as sure as a truck isn't a truck until it has a pair of plastic nuts hanging from the trailer hitch, now that outdoorsy show is a real show, because it has a real theme song, from real patriotic crooners with a history of puke-rock.

The song is the brainchild of Madison Rising, a band that named itself after James Madison, because power chords give the founding fathers erections, too.

Madison Rising—which bills itself as "America's most patriotic Creed cover rock band"—vaulted to notoriety last month after the group dramatically interpreted the Star-Spangled Banner as a post-grunge arena opera for Daytona NASCAR fans. It was... magical, in the Christian-friendly way that a Navy vet-cum-Scott Stapp impersonator can conjure non-Satanic magic with a folded U.S. flag:

[There was a video here]

But their new project for Palin's Amazing America is even awesomer, because it has a real video with real Americans doing things like ziplining, shooting things, running from bulls, shooting more things, stock car-drivin', professionally wrestling, and shooting some other stuff. And steel-working. Oh, so much steel-working. This video may singlehandedly save America's heavy metal industry, if not heavy metal.

The song itself is a typical country-rock list of things that country-rock listeners should like: "The dogs and the horses and our trucks and the guns,/Mothers and daughters and fathers and sons," yadda yadda.

If you like those things, then congratulations, you are a true American, doing American things. Now, all you have to do is mistakenly hang up an American flag backwards in your recording studio, and you can attain Operating American Level 13, like Madison Rising.

Full lyrics for maximum America:

We believe in the American way
We built this country called the USA
And we fly our flag cause we're proud and free,
We're Americans!

Red white and blue is our way of life,
Never back down from a challenge or a fight,
[unintelligible] God gives the rights,
We're Americans!

We make up America,
This amazing America!

We fish the waters and we hunt these lands,
We forge the steel with our own two hands,
With what we've got we do the best we can,
We're Americans!

From the snowy paths to the desert sun,
The dogs and the horses and our trucks and the guns,
Mothers and daughters and fathers and sons,
We're Americans!

Home of the brave in America,
We're in amazing America!
We might be a little crazy, get a little nuts,
But you can't have the glory if you ain't got the guts!

Our strength and pride and faith and trust
Is American!

We like the [unintelligible] that you've ever seen,
We like 'em bigger and faster and louder and mean,
Tell me: Who wouldn't want to be
An American?