The Teen Choice Awards, which aired Sunday on Fox, were totally rigged. We know this because Vine stars—who, as teens' choice of entertainment today, were up for Teen Choice Awards—told us so. According to Cameron Dallas, Matthew Espinosa, and other Viners, Fox let fans keep voting six whole days after the awards were already decided. Democracy is a ruse.

After Dallas tweeted (and then deleted) "It's funny how they told me I won the viner award 6 days before the voting ended and made the runners up still tweet to vote for them," a legion of fans revolted with a hashtag. Apparently, Dallas was pissed about losing "Choice Web Star: Male" male to YouTuber Tyler Oakley, which Jesus, who wouldn't be.

The sleuths at looked into the Awards' fine print, and it turns out that online voting—which fans furiously participate in—does little to determine the actual winners. Producers reserve the right to pick who wins based on the the biggest stars they can get to show up. Good luck getting any of these kids to show up for the presidential in 2024.

[Photo of Dallas and Nash Grier via Getty]

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