As much as four inches of snow fell over parts of the South today, leaving a wake of destruction in its path — thousands of flights were canceled, Georgia is currently in a state of emergency, and students are stranded in schools across multiple states. If you have any horror stories from your commute home, feel free to share them in the comments below.

UPDATE 9:38 AM: Commuters in Atlanta are still trying to make their way home; at this point, some of them have now been on the road for more than 19 hours. With all of the city's major highways and roads in gridlock, many drivers took to CVSs and grocery stores for overnight shelter.

And traffic still isn't moving in some areas.

The original post from last night is below.

In Georgia and Alabama, officials said that hundreds of students are spending the night in classrooms or gyms. Home Depots across Georgia are accepting stranded drivers to stay over night.

But even they're faring better than some Atlanta residents who faced commutes as long as ten hours:

I have a friend who's truck has been hit by 6 cars. She has two kids in the car and trying to get to 2 more at daycare. She's by riverside dr by the Waffle House and publix. 911 is busy. Any suggestions???

is anyone near the QT station on Roswell Rd and Canton? My 74 year old father is trapped there in his car. He has been in his car for 12 hours now and is unable to go anywhere

Can someone tell me if there is shelter or assistance near 85 south from half mile from Clairmont exit. I have a friend with 2 very small children and they are almost out of gas.

My grandparents are stranded on 75/85 near Tech. My grandfather is on a battery operated heart pump. He has at least one extra set of batteries for the heart pump. I am very concerned now and road conditions do not seem to be improving.

Trying to get help to a Cobb County Special Ed bus driver and her 3 students... they have been on the road for hours with no food and have to go to the restroom. Theses are special needs kids and an older woman.

My husband is near exit 244 in downtown Atlanta. He is almost out of gas. Can anyone help. He has been on the road 10 hours .

My dad has a heart condition, feels faint, going on 11 hours and almost no food today. He thinks he may be have chest pain and he doesn't have his medication. How can I get him help???

MEDICAL EMERGENCY!! Senior Citizen located on FULTON INDUSTRIAL BOULEVARD near Camp Creek Parkway! Facing the Waffle House near QT. Desperately needs a hospital as he does not have his medication with him! He's driving a WHITE TERMINIX TRUCK and can not walk!!

Starting a new post, my dad is still stranded off Camp Creek Pkwy and Fulton Industrial Blvd, he is an emergency as he had a massive stroke 3 years ago and is on mega doses of meds to prevent another one, he is without his meds and has been stranded for about 9 hours, no food, drink, and almost out of gas, we've called 911 so many times I've lost count, he cannot get out on foot as he's tried and fell on the ice, its too slick, 911 keeps saying they are sending a cop car for him but nobody has showed in 2 hours, can anyone help?

my kids are still stuck on a school bus I can imagine they are cold n tired it's bus 48 that left out of a philp Randolph elementary n south fulton county pray for me n my kids

Not that residents of other states are having an easier time — there were more than 300 car accidents reported in Texas.

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