“I am proud to live in a country that has an African-American president,” swaggering moron and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry said last week. Impressed, black Americans? There’s more!

In a speech at the National Press Club which is being treated as An Important Thing, glasses model and economic terrorist Perry made his case that—direct quote here— “I am here to tell you that it is Republicans, not Democrats, who are truly offering black Americans the hope of a better life for themselves and their children.”

Rick Perry’s basic case is that Democrats have tried social programs and whatnot and yet we still have racism and black poverty. So hey—why not try Republicans? There are lots of black people living in Texas, btw.

One could see this as a true change of heart by the Republican party. Or, one could see this as a Hail Mary effort on the part of a doomed presidential candidate. Or, one could see this as proof that even Republicans can do math, as they watch America morph into a nation no longer mostly populated by white people who can be easily scared into voting Republican with appeals to racism.

Black America, the choice is yours.

[Photo: AP]