Was OJ Simpson’s best friend having an affair with his wife, Nicole Simpson, giving the former football player motive to kill? The blow-dried ladies of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seem to think so, and this season they’re relitigating the OJ trial, one dog-themed charity event at a time.

The OJ trial has long provided fodder for the show, which premiered in 2010 and famously featured a dinner party, hosted by Kelsey Grammar’s cuckolded ex-wife, that culminated in a drunk psychic screaming at The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick. Resnick, a former compatriot of Nicole Simpson, earned that moniker for the unforgivable mistake of posing for Playboy before humping the ghost of her dead friend.

(Resnick has since made a sort of career out of appearing on reality TV: In addition to being a frequent guest on RHOBH, she also shot scenes with Kris Jenner—the ex-wife of OJ’s lawyer Robert Kardashian—for this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.)

But most importantly to this season of RHOBH, Resnick, whose proximity to the murder landed her both the Playboy spread and a now-infamous appearance on Larry King Live, ultimately wrote a book claiming OJ was spurred on by an affair Nicole was having with his best friend, former running back Marcus Allen.

This week Allen’s ex-wife, Kathryn Edwards, made her debut on RHOBH and so too did the rumors. How certain are the ladies that Allen was involved? One gets the impression that had the Housewives of Beverly Hills been invited to join the prosecution, OJ would have certainly been convicted.

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“Faye’s best friend was Nicole Simpson,” Paris Hilton’s aunt Kyle Richards somberly explains to the camera in one of the clips above. “Faye wrote that Nicole had an affair with Marcus Allen while he was married to Kathryn and that is what set OJ off.”

Though Edwards denies the affair ever happened, she does seem to allow that Allen may have cheated on her with another Nicole Simpson lookalike, the soap star Eileen Davidson. When Davidson mentions she too dated Allen, Edwards tells her, “I have no issues, even if you went out with him while I was married to him.”

Kathryn Edwards, Nicole Simpson, Eileen Davidson

Makes you think...

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