Alix Catherine Tichelman—the so-called high-price prostitute who injected a Google executive with heroin and then stood over him as he died, drinking a glass of wine—is officially going to prison.

Forrest Timothy Hayes was found dead of an overdose on his 50-foot yacht last July. Cops quickly zeroed in on Tichelman, who Hayes apparently met on a sugar daddy dating website. It didn’t hurt that Tichelman was also caught on one of the yacht’s surveillance cameras, drinking a glass of wine as Hayes died in front of her.

And it may not have been the first time she shot up a man with heroin just to watch him die, either: Tichelman was quickly named a suspect in a second heroin overdose—her former boyfriend, who died just a month before Hayes under similar circumstances.

“She had gotten out of the shower and found her boyfriend, Mr. Riopelle, lying on the floor, unresponsive,” Milton Police Capt. Shawn McCarty told 11Alive back in July. “At the time, we had no reason to believe it was anything other than an accidental overdose, and that’s actually how it was ruled.”

It’s unclear what became of that investigation.

On Tuesday, a judge sentenced Tichelman to six years in prison for her role in Hayes’ death. Her lawyer claims she’ll probably only end up serving three, with one year credited for the time she’s already spent in jail.

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