Few endorsements are enough to convincingly, without a shred of a doubt, predict the candidate who will become the leader of this many-splendored country. But the country’s foremost pundit and ex-Funky Bunch member Donnie Wahlberg has spoken, and the race can, for all intents and purposes, end.

Wahlberg issued a statement on Sunday announcing that he was endorsing Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

Here it is, the words of political prowess dripping from the lips of the man himself, the man who starred in not one but four “Saw” films:

Even though we do not see eye to eye on every issue, I know that Marco is a man of principle who can be trusted to keep us safe and give each and every one of us a shot at the American Dream.

Marco is a humble man who has not forgotten his roots, and he will fight to make sure that where you come from does not determine how far you can go. We need a leader like Marco to inspire a new Republican party and unite our nation, and I am proud to support him for President.

In related news, Tommy Chong also gave a blunt endorsement on Sunday, this time for Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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