Hell's Angels may just be angels now. Earlier this morning, Pope Francis blessed thousands of Harley-Davidsons and their leather-clad riders before a papal Mass at the Vatican.

The motorcycle enthusiasts were in Rome to celebrate Harley's 110th anniversary. According to the AP, a half-million Harley riders were in town for the four-day celebration. Pope Francis — no stranger to suiting up and going for a ride with the wind blowing through his hair — stood in an open-top jeep, driving through the throngs of leather-vest wearing biker dudes.

Pope Francis, ostensibly standing for visibility, was also standing in solidarity; he is now a proud Harley owner. The company just donated two white classic Harleys for the Vatican police to use.

The Pope also, according to the AP, caressed, kissed and chatted with people in the square after the Mass, including at least one person on a motorcycle.

[AP, image via AP]