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"A lot of people follow me because they like my attitude, and a lot of girls think I'm cute," says 16-year-old Brady, who was profiled on an episode of MTV's True Life this weekend called "I'm Famous Online." Brady, you see, is suffering from the affliction of thousands of Instagram followers (at the time of taping, he had about 54,000 — now he's up to over 183,000). His tale of woe includes superficial associates, fame leeches, and a near-constant state of uncertainty regarding his true friends. He doesn't even know if his follower-turned-girlfriend is legit!

"Sometimes it's hard to know if my friends like me for me, or if they just like being on Instagram with me," Brady laments. If Brady ever experienced a real problem, he would spontaneously combust.

On top of all this is the pressure Brady feels to post multiple pictures a day lest he lose followers. He also has to worry about people thinking that he's dead. Well, he doesn't have to worry about this but he does because Instagram has Brady figuring that he's important.

And then MTV reinforced it.