Paul Blart: Mall Cop, the Kevin James vehicle (a Segway, specifically) you bring up frequently as shorthand for unwatchable movies, is getting a sequel. Why? Because America demanded it. Seriously.

As Slashfilm explains, the original Paul Blart completely tanked overseas, but it did nearly $150 million in domestic box office. 2009 was a special time when America was eating up Kevin James, and Kevin James was eating up America.

So, despite the increasing importance of international audiences, and the fact that indoor malls are less culturally relevant than they've ever been, here is the trailer for Blart 2, unleashed upon a partially unsuspecting, partially ticket buying populace.

Paul Blart is kind of like wiping your ass. Half of us sit, half of us stand, and all of us assume everyone else does it the same way. You probably know a Blart fan (or several) and don't even realize it. They're apparently living among us in huge numbers.

For what it's worth, the writers seem to have gotten around the whole "mall" thing by going with a kind of Die Hard-meets-Ocean's Eleven-with-Segways pastiche, set in Vegas. Half of you will be very excited about this.

[h/t Slashfilm]