Although BuzzFeed's ubiquitous listicles are already parodies of themselves, and you won't believe how stale the famous Upworthy headline format has gotten, the Onion is preparing to launch a site that intentionally skewers the viral internet. It's called ClickHole.

Launching in June, the site promises to put "content and sponsored posts side by side, with barely any distinction between them," and deliver super-shareable pablum including:

  • Quizzes like "Which pizza should I have for dinner tonight? (presented by Pizza Hut)"
  • Uplifting personal tales in list forms: "Seven pricks that defied the odds and didn't go into finance."
  • The aww factor: A video titled "What this adorable little girl says will melt your heart." (It's actually a cogent explanation of how brands monetize adorable little kids, as spoken by an adorable little kid.)
  • And finally, photo slide shows with no words: "Six kinds of hay."

Right now, though, ClickHole only has one feature: A button that you can practice clicking for the next month or so, in preparation for the site's actual launch.

What happens next will change your life.

[H/T NYMag]