New York City Police officers fired more rounds, shot more people, and were shot themselves more in 2012 than in the previous year. Mayor Bloomberg can proudly go out on a violent note.

A new NYPD report covering all the police weapons discharges in 2012 shows the following, via the New York Times:

-NYPD officers shot and killed 16 people.

-They shot 30 people, compared with 28 the year before.

-They "opened fire on dogs" 24 times.

-There were 13 officers shot, the most in a decade, but none died.

-Eight officers killed themselves with their service weapons.

Let's not forget that this year, stop and frisks by the NYPD are down dramatically. So if these shooting numbers rise again in 2013, expect that to be cited as the cause by one side, and if shooting numbers decline, expect it to be cited as the cause by the other side.

[Photo: AP]