The NYPD loves cricket. They are so interested in it that they complied an exhaustive report on everywhere to watch the sport in New York City. Let's go hit some homeruns or whatever they do in cricket, and also attempt to bait Muslims into talking about Jihad!

This 38-page "Sports Venue Report" was compiled by the NYPD's controversial Demographics Unit, known informally as the "Spying On Random Muslims Unit." The Associated Press' Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman have been diligently covering the NYPD's probably unconstitutional post-9/11 spying program of which the Demographics Unit (now renamed the Zone Assessment Unit) has been a hallmark, and recently published a new book about it, Enemies Within. They provided Gawker with a copy of the report, marked SECRET. (They also recently gave us a photo of a secret spy cab, outfitted with surveillance technology, that the NYPD's intelligence division uses to track Muslims. For more documents the pair unearthed, visit the book's web site.)

The report is divided into "South Asian Sports Locations" and "Arab Sports Locations," and includes handy maps for anyone looking to observe cricket, soccer, or Muslims:

The introduction explains how the report was compiled:

The Demographics Unit identified the sports of cricket, soccer and billiards as the primary sports within the communities.

After the initial research was concluded, members of the unit identified locations were the sports are played locally and locations where fans gather to view the sporting events. The list was then vetted for their proximity to places and neighborhoods of interest. The result was that fifty five (55) locations were identified. Upon the identification of the locations, members of the Demographics Unit conducted field work, in the form of visits, to these locations to ascertain the required information.

All of which makes it even more hilarious that the NYPD operates its own cricket championship, the “NYPD Twenty20 Cricket Cup.” None other than Police Commissioner Ray Kelly showed up last month at the Spring Creek Park cricket field in Brooklyn to hand out the trophy. Spring Creek, notably, did not make the NYPD's cricket map. The sites that did make the cut include kebab stores, parks, restaurants, sporting goods stores, and billiards rooms. Here are a few of the NYPD's favorite cricket establishments (the full document is embedded below):

Demographics Sports Venues (PDF)
Demographics Sports Venues (Text)