For years now, a group of anonymous friends have been stealing photos of you from your iCloud accounts and trading them on a website called Anon-IB. Apple kept it easy to steal from you up until very recently. Now the Anon-IB boys are all upset.

To be completely clear, it's still far easier than it should be to find, download, and store naked photos of you that you thought were safe on Apple's servers: the company still doesn't require two-factor authorization for iCloud accounts. But it's slightly better. The minimum amount better.

Even this slight security boost is making the iCloud ripping community—so far as any like-minded sociopaths are a community—frustrated.

"The game is over," laments one user, "and we lost despite a major lead." Paranoia over law enforcement and online monitoring abounds.

"Y'all stupid muthafuckas fucked it all up," agrees another. "I warned you to stop trading but noooo. Now everything alerts btw. Let it go. The game is up. And we lost."

Many Anon-IB'ers agree that leak "traders" spoiled the action for the people doing the actual hacking—no one seemed to care when it was photos of college classmates, but once it became Jennifer Lawrence, they drew global attention. What was once a semi-private hobby for a small set of predatory users turned into an international story.

"This was bound to be over at one point," agrees another. "I'm surprised it went on for a couple of years unsanctioned."

Some think this means they'll never get the full celebrity leak trove:

Sad thing is they ruined it for all of us and didn't even release all of the win. Still tons of kayla maroney pics and im sure there actual win pics of hayden and kaley which would actually make it more worth it.

Others would have been content to stay away from Hollywood:

Wouldn't be worth it for me. I'd rather be able to download backups of all of the chicks I know than a bunch of random celebs

Some iCloud violators are trying to look on the bright side:

eh whats it matter. most girls lost their photos anyway in this iOS 8 update debacle. apple can't do anything right

And then there are those that, undaunted, are still offering iCloud cracking services:

They don't even want to be paid for it.

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