Now that NSA are the dirtiest three letters in Washington, it appears to be a much less fun place to work than before Edward Snowden detailed exactly the extent to which our communication devices are the agency's playground. According to a new report in the Washington Post, morale is down at the NSA, and its employees are angry at President Obama for not providing a pick-me-up.

Sources within the NSA complained to reporter Ellen Nakashima that they are feeling unloved by the president, who has reportedly not personally visited the agency's headquarters 23 miles outside of Washington at Fort Meade in Maryland in order to assure employees there that he is behind them. A White House spokesperson told Nakashima that top executive officials have been in contact with the NSA in order to "express the president's support and appreciation for all that NSA does to keep us safe."

Apparently that's not enough for the NSA — but then again, what is?

[photo of Edward Snowden via Getty]