"Do you think you need to see where you're shooting if someone's on top of you, trying to kill or rape you, while their hands are slowly squeezing your neck and they're yelling 'I'm gonna kill you'? I didn't think so." This is the NRA commentator's argument for arming the blind that the NRA just removed from its website.

"Every law-abiding, blind individual should be able to have whatever guns they want," says NRA video personality and local neckless man Dom Raso. (Raso, you may recall, also recently took the media to task for its absurd policy of referring to killings with guns as "shootings.")

Strangely, the National Rifle Association took Dom's video down today, leaving a big fat 404 in its place. But the internet never forgets. Now, what was so embarrassing about this two-minute lesson that not even the NRA could abide by it?