Like all toxic brands, the National Rifle Association isn’t above exploiting a tragedy to spread its agenda via social media. But unlike, say, Oreos, the NRA is eager to promote gun ownership, even if it means telling a big lie about civil unrest in Baltimore.

Among the many reporters relaying information from the tense city blocks of Baltimore, Justin Fenton of the Baltimore Sun is one of the best, and he’s already found himself in some very dicy situations this week. Yesterday, Fenton was confronted by angry and aggressive protesters—and according to the NRA, his life was saved when a virtuous gun-toting business owner intervened. The group plastered this proud moment in looming violence across its Facebook page to its 4.1 million followers:

Granted, the NRA’s post was based in part on a post by the disingenuous psychopath pack at Breitbart News, but it’s clear there was no effort to corroborate the claim—probably because it’d make such a tidy PR hit for the Second Amendment. But this didn’t happen;

Yes, Fenton was rescued not by a patriot’s shotgun, but by exactly the kind of person the NRA and Breitbart work so hard to make you fear:

The NRA’s post has been shared over 3,000 times so far.

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