When the Paper of Record published a blistering editorial on President Obama's overbearing national security precautions today, one line stood out from the dozens of others as being the most vicious: "The administration has now lost all credibility."

Naturally, a declaration as grave and resolute as that, and from "liberal media" stronghold the New York Times, became quite the talking point for people throughout the political spectrum:

This evening, after a full day of news outlets sharing the Times editorial, and after the Guardian dropped yet another bombshell about governmental spying, the website NewsDiffs (and others) are reporting that the Times editorial board appears to have quietly crept into its now famous rebuke and, for reasons undeclared, updated the claim that the administration is no longer credible. The sentence now reads, "The administration has now lost all credibility on this issue," which is quite a different statement altogether. The paper also seems to have added sentences referencing the new Guardian article.

The Times editorial contains no appending indication as to why it would have been changed.

Update: This post's headline has been changed to be a declarative.

[Image via AP]