Hillary Clinton in St. Louis. Photo: Getty

The Missouri primary, which took place on March 15, concluded with the races on both sides too close to call. Then we all forgot about the Missouri primary. But today, Secretary of State Jason Kander announced the winners: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Both Clinton and Trump were leading in the polls with 99% of the vote counted, but a recount was triggered with both up by just 0.2 percentage points. Alas, nothing changed. The final vote tallies according to Politico:

In the finally tally, Trump pipped Texas Sen. Ted Cruz by just 0.2 percentage points — 40.9 percent to Cruz’s 40.7.

On the Democratic side, the former secretary of state also led Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders also by 0.2 percentage points — 49.6 percent to his 49.4.

Per Politico, the delegate count is as follows. On the Republican side:

  • Donald Trump: 25
  • Ted Cruz: 15
  • John Kasich: 0

For the Dems, including superdelegates:

  • Hillary Clinton: 46
  • Bernie Sander: 34

Missouri’s superdelegate process is already notably fraught, as this article published last week in the Kansas City Star elucidates. Politico’s updated math differs slightly from the Star’s, but the end result is essentially the same: 36 pledged delegates for Hillary and 35 for Sanders. Plus:

But 11 of Missouri’s 13 superdelegates have already expressed a preference for Clinton. Nationally, her share of the superdelegates, at least for now, is far bigger than her share of the popular vote.

Please forward to the Bernie Bro in your life.