The sands of time eventually destroy all things. Not actual McDonald's burgers—those are pretty much immortal, like all plastics. But McDonald's cheapest prices? Those will be dead in just two weeks.

On November 4, say goodbye to the "good old" McDonald's dollar menu, where you could spend a dollar and get at least 34 cents worth of cow fat trimmings. Say hello to the "Dollar Menu and More," which will be McDonald's new term for "what normal restaurants would call a 'menu.'" Ad Age reports:

The new menu will keep "some elements of the dollar menu, [while] adding two more tiers for our customers," said the spokeswoman. The Dollar Menu & More lineup includes sandwiches that range from $1 to $2. The third and priciest tier will see items like a 20-piece McNugget around the $5 mark.

The $15 Bucket-O-Everything will presumably be on the fourth tier of the menu, and the $1.2 billion that McDonald's costs taxpayers in public benefits by paying its employees extremely low wages will be on the fifth tier of the menu, and then, at the very top, Filet-O-Fish, for which no price is too high.

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