This week a surprisingly long list of celebrities—including that kid from Love Actually, that girl from that TV show, and Patricia Clarkson—narrowly escaped a contractual fate worse than death: a movie premiere infested with bed bugs.

The actors, all part of a franchise called the Maze Runner (the one Jennifer Lawrence isn’t in), were slated to walk the red carpet and watch, at the very least, the first five minutes of the film at AMC Empire Times Square. Unfortunately, as moviegoers learned this week, that theater was already hosting an unannounced event: your worst nightmare.

So coordinators reportedly moved the premiere across the street to a rival, presumably bedbug-free movie theater and the show went on and not a soul noticed. Still, should you avoid screening the film altogether? I’m pretty sure that’s not how bedbugs work but better safe than sorry? is the excuse I’ll give if someone ever tries to make me watch this movie.

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