For decades, gadget pundit Leo Laporte, the host of a variety of internet and TV talk shows, has served as the neighborly face of technology. And just like some actual neighbors, he has a history of accidentally exposing himself. This time, his audience was treated to a photo of a penis, spotted among a collection of personal photos.

This particular incident occurred on May 24th, during an explanatory segment on Apple’s new Photos app. Most of the clip is the same sort of David Pogue explainer-mush that’s been Laporte’s bread and butter for years. While clicking through his photo library, Laporte brings up a grid of imported images: family, friends, food, and an erect penis.

The moment was captured (and spread) by, a website that admittedly exists purely to harass Laporte’s lucrative video production enterprise. They claim the slip-up has been scrubbed from the episode, and sure enough, the episode below can’t be found on any official “This Week in Tech” channels. But saved a copy of the clip, and you can see the penis thumbnail in question below at around the 13 second mark—note the concerned Oooh sound by Laporte:

[There was a video here]

TotalDrama also posted this moment from another Laporte program on the 24th, where he alludes to a “public relations” crisis of his own making. This footage also appears to have been taken down.

I asked Laporte what’s going on here with the dick sitch, and he told me that “trolls posted a photoshop purporting to be my penis... But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.”

It wouldn’t be the first time he’s gotten “caught.”In 2011, Laporte accidentally revealed a steamy IM conversation (“i still smell and taste you. i adore you.”) with his business partner. A year later, he did pretty much the exact same thing with a horny on-screen email (“I want you. Your cock inside me. Wanna fuck?”). Just the tip, indeed.

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