Over the weekend, nearly everyone and their oversharing aunt got their fill of Bachelor producer Elan Gale's incredible tale of mile-high misogyny.

Incredible, that is, because it most likely never took place.

But while Gale was not note-passing with "Diane in 7A," standup comic Kyle Kinane was live-tweeting a far more incredible exchange with a salsa brand.

Incredible, that is, because this particular hoax is actually amazing.

Ten months ago, Kinane mocked Pace-brand salsa for its tastelessly macho marketing campaign.

Ten months later, Kinane noticed that a Twitter account attributed to Pace Picante inexplicably favorited his tweet.

Minutes later Kinane determined that @Pace_Foods was a Twitter spambot, tweeting the same sentence at anyone on Twitter who mentions Pace products.

"Let's try something here," Kinane teased his Twitter followers, before following that up with "I wouldn't rub Pace Picante-brand salsa on my asshole if my turds came out on fire."

Sure enough, Pace favorited the tweet.

Over the next hour or so, Kinane proceeded to have some less-than-wholesome fun with the bot, getting it to endorse rival companies and white supremacy.

Finally, Pace tweeted something else: "We were just experiencing some technical problems with our Twitter account, please accept our apology and Happy Holidays."

And that's when things got spicy.

Kinane began sharing a series of texts, allegedly from Pace employees, trying to blackmail him with salsa into deleting his tweets.

The elaborate "automated feud" continued for hours, with unbelievable twists and turns that included one employee attempting to get another employee fired with a fake Twitter account.

At one point, Kinane even posted a photo of some Pace salsa jars that were dropped off at his house.

Finally, after "confirming" that "Miles" — a rogue employee who temporarily took over the Pace account — would not be fired for his transgressions, Pace decided it was "necessary to delete our account until we can sort all of this out."


Too bad it was all too good to be true.

Even though some media outlets reported the story as the "biggest social media disaster" of 2013 and "the worst (best) Twitter-based brand implosion we've ever seen," Campbell Soup Company confirmed this morning that Pace Foods "does not have a twitter handle" and the account tweeting with Kinane was fake.

Still, as far as Twitter hoaxes go, this one was pretty incredible.

Update 3:07 p.m.: Kinane admits he was fooled by "master prankster" Randy Liedtke. "Sorry," he tweeted. "I wanted it to be real too."

Correction: A previous version of this post referred to Pace's tweets as "responses." Kinane's tweets were being "favorited" by the account.

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