Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. James Taylor, 20, is in that third camp. He didn't set out to throw the biggest, most outrageous rave West Michigan has ever seen, but it happened. And when the local news showed up, he calmly accepted that destiny had chosen him.

He didn't make 2,000 people show up at his house. He didn't make them stay all night. And he definitely didn't make this kid pass out on his floor, he explains, as the camera pans down to a kid passed out on his floor.

Taylor's party reportedly featured 2 DJs, plus fire-throwers, go-go dancers, and strippers. As many as 500 people packed the house, and thousands more gathered outside as Taylor looked upon his glorious works from the roof.

But what about the allegations of rampant underage drinking, multiple drug overdoses, and one sexual assault?

"I am [responsible]," he told Fox 17. "It's my house, you gotta deal with it afterwards. But apparently it was worth it."

Taylor says he didn't know anyone at the party was underage, and parents probably shouldn't have let their children stay out all night at his out-of-control rave.

"I feel like anybody that's got a problem with me partying out here, in the middle of nowhere, is a spaz," he concluded.

Mecosta County police classified the party as a "mass casualty incident," with troopers and paramedics from three counties on standby, MLive reported. Authorities decided not to break up the party because of the possibility that drunken guests would flee to their cars, causing even more danger.

They've asked prosecutors to file several charges against Taylor.

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