Photo: AP

As we leave the “Feel-Good Personality Propaganda Celebration” period of the campaign and move into the part where we think about the stuff that may or may not actually get done, here is a relevant data point.

The Wall Street Journal, via the Center for Responsive Politics reports: “Owners and employees of hedge funds have made $122.7 million in campaign contributions this election cycle, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics—more than twice what they gave in the entire 2012 cycle and nearly 14% of total money donated from all sources so far.”

Here is the current tally of hedge fund donations given in support of the two major candidates:

Donald Trump: $19,000 (Nineteen thousand dollars)
Hillary Clinton: $48,500,000 (Forty eight million five hundred thousand dollars)

It will be interesting to see how high the taxes on the rich get raised in the next four years.