Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian will attempt to Take the Hamptons in the latest reality-show spinoff from the Kardashian® brand/family, but the Hamptons refuse to surrender without a fight.

As filming began last month at Kourt and Khlo's new pop-up fashion operation, Dash, an anti-Kardashian sticker campaign called #NoDash also popped up on signs around the Hamptons, urging the sisters to leave town.

Although the Kardashian family is worth an estimated $80 million (pre-Kanye, and not counting Bruce Jenner's reported $100 million net worth), TMZ reported Kourtney and Khloe had a hard time finding a mansion for the show, as homeowners worried the smell of their "new money" would "attract trash."

What they've actually ended up attracting is business. Southampton mayor Mark Epley told TMZ he thinks Dash will do well and provide a boost to nearby businesses.

It's pretty hard to feel sorry for anyone in the #NoDash squabble when there are multimillionaires on both sides of it.

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