We all know Peter Mayhew, even if we don't realize it: He played Chewbacca, the lovable Wookiee in the original Star Wars trilogy. And judging from his Twitter feed in the past week, he's more of a fanboy than we realized: He badly wanted to form a sexy rebel alliance with Princess Leia.

Starting last Wednesday, Mayhew took to tweeting a trove of candid shots he'd collected from Star Wars sets while shooting the three movies. They are manna for anyone of a certain age, raised on landspeeders and lightsabers and the Kessel run. Mayhew's wit is on display in full form. But so is his possibly unhealthy preoccupation with a twentysomething Carrie Fisher:

Dude, that is so awesome! You were one lucky guy.

Heh, yeah. Every little boy thought that outfit was pretty nifty!

Ha ha ha ha ummmm. Hang on a sec.

Wait, I have a question.

Like, how many do you have, exactly?

Hmm-hmm. Cute pic. Let's not make it creepy, though.

Pretty sure you're joking. Joking, right? Right?


No, no, no. Dude.

Did you— did you watch her— while she slept??

Um that's actually a good question. Have you asked a profes—

Is that even Carrie Fisher?

Don't get me wrong, Peter. She was a comely young woman. But... who started the snowball fights, exactly?

Damn you, Peter. I mean, you're right. But come on. I feel... not cool about this.

What— is that—- ungh. Yeah, we're pretty much done here. Joss Whedon reboot, anyone?