The Westboro Baptist Church has at last found its medium. The hate group's over-the-top brand of expressing bigotry for basically anyone who isn't them, it turns out, is perfectly suited for the cut-heavy, silliness-fueled, 6-second world of Vining. It's like they've been an avant garde art project this whole time and only now can they fully express it.

Make no mistake, this family-cum-cult does and says awful things. If you are very sensitive, you will not see the humor in this. But oh my god, their timing.

Their sense of absurdity and humor is legitimate.

As a connoisseur of extreme human behavior, the WBC appeals to me on a fundamental level. Their message and methods of broadcasting it are way too extreme to threaten me (I do think that their funeral protests are disgusting, as they prey on people at their most emotionally vulnerable). They're so ridiculous, so over-the-top, that to my mind, they generally qualify as camp, and anti-gay camp is a deliciously oxymoronic concept.

So I challenge you to laugh along with these people that even ardent homophobes are embarrassed to be associated with. They are weirdos to the bone, who have nothing better to do with their time than sit around and devise new ways to say, "God hates fags." And you know what?

They've gotten really good at it.