Today we bring you the story of the world's glammest lady: a 30-something Monégasque who drank nothing but soda every day for 16 years.

We know she drank soda every day for 16 years because, as LiveScience reports, because that's what she told her doctors when she was admitted to the Princess Grace Hospital Centre following recurring fainting spells. No water, not one drop, unless you count the caramel-colored water mixed with sugar and caffeine she drank every day. She told her physicians she'd drunk about two liters a day since she was 15, and as she spoke, her brittle bones click-clacked inside her like gemstones on a giant statement necklace worn under the skin.

Imagine drinking nothing but soda for 15 years. You raise a can to your lips first thing in the morning and toast the stars with it as night falls. You take a swig to wash down a vitamin. You pour some into a canteen and set off on a romantic hike with your fiancé. You watch your children, Lilou and Alexandre, run around catching snowflakes on their tongues and usher them over to the freezer—Vite, vite!—where you have allowed a can of Diet Coke to explode into brown sodaflakes. You and a friend go on a "juice cleanse" for a lark but the only juice you drink is soda. You faint and when you come to, you reward yourself with an ice cold glass of soda. You faint again and then drink more soda to regain your energy. And then you faint and then you drink soda.

Anyway, about that fainting. Doctors presented the glamorous woman's case this week at a European Heart Rhythm Association conference. (The report has yet to be published in a peer-reviewed journal.) According to Dr. Naima Zarqane, testing revealed that the woman was suffering from extremely low potassium levels and an erratic heartbeat. Given that she had no family history of similar health problems, the team concluded her issues were the result of high soda consumption.

Fortunately, there was a quick fix: After cutting out soda for one week, the woman's potassium levels and heart rhythm returned to normal.

But she was no longer so glamorous.

[LiveScience // Image via Shutterstock]

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